A high-pitched ringing noise and nothing else. A needle digs it’s way into a bulging vein. Titan, a big-hearted vigilante, hears nothing. Doc’s mouth moves. Titan hears silence. Doc shouts his name louder.

Winter in the Philadelphia badlands. A father-like chemist gives Titan 24 hours to make a decision: overcome his addiction and live, or shoot up and die. Using a synthetic drug, Titan uses telekinetic powers to save Philadelphia’s residents from common criminal danger.

In the midst of his decision, Titan visits Kensington library and witnesses a junkie overdose in the bathroom. Upon watching the librarian revive the man, Titan decides to find another location to get his high. Titan sits in the frigid air with a tourniquet tied around his bicep. Just before the needle penetrates his skin, Titan sees a flyer for a rehab facility.

The blue door of a quaint out-skirted city home. Titan knocks on it, a woman at least 40 opens it. He asks his mother to check him into a rehab facility. However, a panicked call from the Doc interrupts his revere, as a villain arises dawning telekinetic power from the same batch of heroin.

Titan must battle his telekinetic counterpart at the place where it all began, a prison, now abandoned. Facing the vengeful villain, Titan attempts to talk sense into him. Marcus is more powerful, as he's just taken a fresh dose.

Titan struggles, his arms suspended outward by Marcus. Titan's hands shake, but, he manages to stop them and BOOM!